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OnGuard Employment

The quality of our security officers is the foundation of our success.
To be considered for employment opportunities with OnGuard, prospective employees must have a valid State issued Guard Card, at least two years of experience as a licensed security officer and must be able to complete the training required by the State of California Bureau of Security and Investigative Services.
Security officers seeking employment with OnGuard must also have strong work ethics, must be able to deal with customers effectively, and complete OnGuard’s internal background check and in-house training.
More than ever before, security officers play critically important roles in the overall safety and security of local organizations, their employees and their customers.
We strongly believe in recognizing career-oriented security officers and rewarding them by creating a positive business condition that encourages our security officers to build strong relationships with our customers and foster long-lasting careers with OnGuard. Below are examples of how we recognize superior service:
  • Monthly, quarterly and yearly cash rewards for Quality Customer Service.
  • Employee Referral Program for introducing qualified security officers to OnGuard.
  • Annual anniversary bonuses to reward longevity and consistency of service.
  • Promotion to management positions.
OnGuard goes through a painstaking process to handpick the highest quality security officers in the region. We know that the quality of our security officers is the foundation of our success. Not only we require a State issued Guard Card, we also require that every applicant goes through a full and complete background check and in-house training. On average, we hire one to two security officers from a pool of 40 to 50 applicants.  As a result, OnGuard enjoys one of the highest employee retention rates in the industry.

Current Job Opportunities

OnGuard is continuously looking for bright, energetic and career-minded security professionals to fill ongoing open positions as Security Officers and/or Field Supervisors. At least 2 years of experience in the security industry and a Guard Card is required.

OnGuard strives to recruit and maintain customer-oriented security personnel who share our passion for unwavering customer service. OnGuard provides ongoing training to ensure that our security personnel stay ahead of our competitors and provide our customers with the service and protection they deserve.
Our Employees Receive:
  • Above industry-average wages.
  • Overtime pay for legal holidays.
  • Workers compensation insurance.
  • Medical/ dental insurance (optional).
  • Paid vacations, performance bonuses and awards.
  • Advancement to Field Supervisors and  Area Managers.
  • Job-related education and training programs.
Current employment Opportunities:
  • Experienced Security Officers
  • Lobby Ambassadors
  • Field Supervisors/ Shift Supervisors
  • Post Commanders
For additional information, please call our Human Resources Department at (877) 482-7309.