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OnGuardLive - GuardTour Technology Solutions
Real-time Security Monitoring, Anytime, Anywhere
OnGuardLive is a state-of-the-art GuardTour management solution that enable our management team to be more effective in the field and empowers our customers to get information when they need it.
Using OnGuardLive, security officers patrol routes, daily activities and incidents can be recorded and synchronized wirelessly for real-time online review by our management team and our customers.
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Reports and data captured by our security officers are available to our customers through OnGuardLive. Customers can be automatically alerted to major incidents as they occur. Customers can view activity details in real-time and creat their own customized reports.
OnGuardLive combines GPS technologies, Smart Geo Tags and smart phones (Android, iPhone and Windows Mobile Devices) to put information at your fingertips. OnGuardLive application is paperless, cost effective and easy to use.

Call OnGuard Security Services at (877) 482-7309 for a free demonstration

Clients' Testimonies

  • “We have been using OnGuard Security services since 2006. They have been exemplary in their duties and are team players when we need to switch things around and make change happen. The guards are well dressed, in uniform and professional. They are diligent in making their daily rounds that are electronically tracked and monitored. They are also backed up by a supervisory team and sales representative that keep constant contact with the hotel to iron out issues. I would definitely recommend OnGuard.”  Ronnie D.


    Licensed, Bonded and Insured.

  • “OnGuard Security has been providing fulltime security service for our organization for nearly three years. We are a large Orange County company with over 800 employees occupying two buildings. We have five fulltime security officers providing service 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. OnGuard security officers are extremely professional and highly trained. They have worked with us tirelessly to make sure our security policies and protocols are implement vigilantly. Regular follow up calls and immediate response from OnGuard management give us the assurance that will continue to receive high level of service from OnGuard.”   Kim S. 


    People and Service You Can Count On.

  • “We have been working with OnGuard for over a year.  What comes to mind to describe OnGuard’s service qualities are management’s personal attention, flexibility to adjust to unique requirements, attention to detail and pleasure to deal with at all levels from top management all the way to the security officers.  Highly recommend.”  Edward P.


    Custom-tailored Security Services.

  • “OnGuard has provided our security guard services for a number of years at multiple facilities.  They have been very professional, and very responsive.  With their services in place, we have confidence that we are in good hands during the evening and weekend hours when none of our employees are at our facilities.”  Terry M.


    Hand-picked and Meticulously Recruited Security Officers.

  • “We have been with OnGuard for several months now. Prior to working with OnGuard, we worked with another guard service company that was not able to stop break-ins. Now that we have been with OnGuard, we have not had a single incident. They are prompt in returning our calls and answering questions, they are always professional in their dealings with us, they use the latest technology to ensure that we are receiving the best protection, and best of all, OnGuard has been able to protect our building from any additional break-ins.”  Patrick V.


    Voted "Most Responsive Management Team" in the Region.

  • “OnGuard has provided security service for our school district for over four years. OnGuard provides year-round armed and unarmed security service at multiple sites in our district. Every year, the level of service has improved tremendously, and this year, the graduation security went extremely well. OnGuard provides our district with quality security personnel and uses state-of-the-art security technology to ensure that our district receives the highest level of service. We enjoy and appreciate the quick and professional response from OnGuard’s management team.”  Cindy M.


    OnGuard. Always.